A journey to S...

28 images from Strömstad and the ferry to Sandefjord June 11, 2014.

the original images [736 MB] as a zip archive. If you don't have the open source program 7-Zip already, you must download and install it in order to extract the files in the zip archive. The reason is, I'm using the format 7z to make the archive much smaller.


Night i - iv and Day i - iv are from Strömstad. At the terminal i - x are from Color Lines terminal in Strömstad. At MS Bohus i - x are from the trip to Sandefjord (during the trip to Strömstad I had smorgasbord).

Night i - iv and Day i - iv: Masts and boathouses are about as typically Strömstad during the day as glow from lights are during the night.

At MS Bohus viii: Reflection of water in the ceiling of one of the ferry's restaurants.

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