A journey to N...

48 images from Norsesund May 30, 2014.

the original images [833 MB] as a zip archive. If you don't have the open source program 7-Zip already, you must download and install it in order to extract the files in the zip archive. The reason is, I'm using the format 7z to make the archive much smaller.


The title Higher light alludes to a few lines in About Goodness by Willy Kyrklund (1988; my translation): You who have chosen the sea route from the Cape to Cooch Behar and has drunk up the spirits of the compass, do not lose your courage comrade! Steer by the top lantern of your boat, it is, however, a higher light, not that much higher but anyways. You can count on an uncertain course over dark waters. This you surely know.

The title ... and the flowing water alludes to Seen in the Flowing Water and Heard in the Whispering Wind by Artur Lundkvist (1978).

Like a dandelion i - vii is a homage to Stanley Helin (1929-2012) and the other artists in the Noresund group (norsesundsgruppen.se). Stanley Helin ran Galleri Maskrosen (Gallery Dandelion; Like a dandelion vi) and is, as far as I understand, mostly famous for his paintings of dandelions. The gallery is closed, I learned during a longer conversation with Stanley Helin's son; the web site stanleyhelin.com, however, still remains. The son showed, amongst others, a larger painting of dandelions, including severed stalks (Like a dandelion vii), which I certainly would like to have on a wall in my apartment. Finally, I would like to mention that on the embankment in Norsesund there are a number of larger paintings by Stanley Helin (Like a dandelion iv - v).

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