Ear against the red beneath.
Eye against the blue above.
Foot in the green between.
Hand against the closed heart.
Heart against the open hand.
Lip in the broken beach.
Verge in the broken lip.

Welcome to the English section of MK Förlag's (MK Publishing Firm's) website!

MK Förlag is a hobby project. With a publishing rate of one book or a couple of books a year in small quantities, the publishing firm is one of the smallest in Sweden. There are, however, publishing firms that are even smaller!

The last few years, however, the publishing rate has tended to be zero books a year. Instead of writing fiction, I've spent time developing this website and, from the summer of 2010, writing Windows programs.

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About this website

When MK Förlag was founded in 1985, the main purpose was to publish books by the founder Mats Kristiansson. However, the firm has also published some books written by others. Most of the published books are in the genres poetry and fiction, but some are in other genres, for example philosophy and prayers.

All the books are originally written in Swedish, the native tongue of the authors. Sofar, I've translated the collection of poems Frozen Time in full and Haiku Poems 2004-2010: A Selection in parts. Click on Books above if you want to read these books. I will probably translate more of the books to English, but exactly when I don't know.

In the English section of this website, you can also find some articles on computers in general and publication of web pages and some rather basic tutorials on the computer languages HTML, CSS and C#, [1] HTML and CSS are used to write web pages. C# (pronounced C sharp) is used to write Windows programs. several more or less artistic pictures from, for example, Copenhagen, Pompei and the Swedish towns Vänersborg, Skövde and Vara, and a collection of links to websites I give at least five out of five points. [2] If you want to know more about the background to the five-degree scale with at least six steps, first click on Links at the top of the page and then on the first note you see.

How fast this website will grow and what the content will be is hard to say, because its webmaster is a slave to the hesitant whip of the principle of the greener grass. That is the principle that says that the grass is always greener on the other side: no matter how delightful the meadow you stay at for the moment is, no matter how green the grass is, no matter how firmly determined to stay you are, next to it there is always an even more delightful meadow with even greener grass that you are even more determined to stay at.

Consequently, visitors at mustn't be surprised if they encounter projects I haven't finished, because I've been working on other projects instead. Some visitors, some days for example I, will probably be annoyed at the many unfinished projects. Other visitors, other days for example I, will probably be pleased with the many new projects. Sometimes, I will probably be so annoyed at the unfinished projects that I continue working on them, which visitors that are annoyed at unfinished projects may be pleased with.

If you want more information, click on Contact above and follow the instructions. If you want to search within, click on Search above and use my search engine (according to a test with 50 probable search terms, you will get three times(!) as many hits as with site search with google).


Someone (probably primarily I) may perhaps be interested in knowing how the look of the start page has changed since the domain was born by the end of January 2006. Therefore, I publish six of the about seven main versions of the start page that has existed (excluding the one launced March 24, 2010, that will appear here later, and the one I'm developing for the moment).

The images below are linked to natural size html pages, that partly work.

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Would you like to comment on this page or some other page? Send an email to or a letter to Mats Kristiansson, Timmervägen 3A, 541 64 Skövde, Sweden with the title of the page you want to comment on, your comment and your name or a pseudonym.